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ELECTRUM MAGICUM [Dec. 15th, 2007|09:26 pm]
Together In Light


A composition of seven metals, compounded according to certain rules and planetary influences; a preparation of great magic power, of which magic rings, mirrors, and many other things may be made. The electrum magicum is prepared as follows: Take ten parts of pure gold, ten of silver, five of copper, two of tin, two of lead, one part of powdered iron, and five of mercury. All these metals must be pure. Now wait for the hour when the planets Saturn and Mercury come into conjunction, and have all your preparations ready for that occasion; have the fire, the crucible, the mercury and the lead ready, so that there will be no delay when the time of the conjunction arrives, for the work must be done during the moments ofthe conjunction. As soon as this takes place melt the lead and add the mercury, and let it cool. After this has been done, wait for a conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn and Mercury, melt the compound of lead and mercury in a crucible, and in another crucible the tin, and pour the two metals together at the moment of such conjunction. You must now wait until a conjunction of the sun and either one or both of the above named planets takes place, and then add the gold to the compound after melting it previously. At a time of a conjunction of the moon and the sun, Saturn or Mercury, the silver is added likewise, and at a time of a conjunction of Venus with one of the above named planets the copper is added. Finally, at a time of such a conjunction with Mars, the whole is completed by the addition of the powdered iron. Stir the fluid mass with a dry rod of witch-hazel, and let it cool. (All the above named conjunctions take place in our solar system in he course of thirteen successive months, but the directions may refer to conjunctions of principles contained in the Microcosm of man.) Of this electrum magicum you may make a mirror in which you may see the events of the past and the present, absent friends or enemies, and see what they are doing. You may see in it any object you may desire to see, and all the doings of men in daytime or at night. You may see in it anything that has ever been written down, said, or spoken in the past, and also see the person who said it, and the causes that made him say what he did, and you may see in it anything, however secret it may have been kept. Such mirriors are made of the electrum magicum; they are made of the diameter of about two inches. They are founded at a time when a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus takes place, and moulds made of fine sand are used for that purpose. Grind the mirrors smooth with a grindstone, and polish them with tripoly, and with a piece of wood from a linden tree. All the operations made with the mirror, the grinding, polishing, etc. should take place under favorable planetary aspects, and by selecting the proper hours three different mirrors may be prepared. At a time of a conjunction of two good planets, when at the same time the sun or the moon stands on the 'house of the lord of the hour of your birth,' three mirrors are to be laid together into pure well water, and left to remain there for an hour. They may then be removed from the water, enveloped in a linen cloth, and be preserved for use.