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James of the Wingmakers on the Montauk Project (Mind Control) [Aug. 25th, 2009|12:15 pm]
Together In Light


Montauk Project (Mind Control)

Question 37-S3 – What is the relationship between the Montauk Project and the WingMakers (if there is any)?

A. I will give you a peek into what occurred that led to the Montauk Project.

A very bright man by the name of Vannevar Bush (no relation to GWB) headed up a small
group of brilliant physicists who were working with the ACIO when it was newly formed.

Bush was the ostensible leader of this scientific force who was tasked to perform some reengineering
feats of UFO technologies. These initial extraterrestrial technologies were purposely
left for discovery as a means to accelerate the time of the networks (Internet being
the first stage – SIN being the culmination stage).

The walls of secrecy are always permeable within the government and military, and Bush
became known as a superior investigator of these technologies. This project was held in
higher security than the Manhattan Project. However, because Bush was too visible and
potentially a risk, this re-engineering project was funneled into the ACIO where Bush was
given the opportunity to join.
He declined because of the need to essentially leave society and become anonymous. Bush,
even at that time, was being groomed by the Central Race to help invent the stage one
Network infrastructure, and he had a semi-conscious realization that his real mission was
involved in this endeavor and not the ACIO.

Fifteen, was also being groomed for the position, but was considered less trustworthy as a
person with whom the military and Incunabula could rely on to follow their own agenda.
Nonetheless, Fifteen was considered a far brighter and more capable mind to initiate the
sort of discoveries and fathom the potentials that these extraterrestrial technologies held.

During the time when Bush was leading the re-engineering efforts, he was asked to participate
in the earliest experiments in time travel. Even Einstein was consulted for a short
time on these experiments, which were conducted in absolute secrecy. The outcome, while
unsuccessful, did generate an enthusiasm within the Incunabula (for all the obvious reasons);
however, it was not given any additional funding by the military so the project was

The project file ended up in Fifteen’s hands, and there were some elements that were found
useful (dealing with transitory states of degaussing). A copy of the project file also ended up
at Brookhaven. This copy later turned into the Montauk Project, but was quickly diverted
into mind control experiments that went awry. The military really controlled Montauk,
while the Incunabula controlled the ACIO (in the early years of its development).
Now, as for the credibility of these men and their association with the WingMakers, I will
leave this to you. I will only add that the Central Race works through individuals in such a
way that they do not know they are being worked with. Those who claim this communication
do not generally have it.

If they have alignment to the Grand Portal it will be obvious in their deeds and words, even
if they don’t know about the WingMakers or the intrinsic nature of the universe. I understand
your lament that people miss the spiritual undercurrents and sometimes rush to the
superficial eddies of conspiracy and cover-up. The two dramas are very different in nature,
but they are not incompatible.